Biochemistry Lab

Metabolism is the sum total of all chemical reactions that take place inside a living body with a view to maintaining life. Therefore, the scope of biochemistry in human life is of paramount importance especially from the viewpoint of the medical science and technology. You should know here that biochemical processes in the human body, for instance, is the reason behind the complexity of life. Since the 20th century, the biochemical research has led to many discoveries that precisely explain the living process.Biochemistry is a laboratory-based science. Having said that, we mean, the research on biochemistry is conducted at the laboratory and it brings chemistry and biology together in the best interest of the plants and animals. As a matter of fact, biochemists can solve many mysteries of our everyday living. For instance, biochemists primarily focus on the happenings at the lowest level such as the molecules inside our cells. Simultaneously, they study the components of organelles (cell organs such as the nucleus), proteins, and lipids. Besides, they are also to study the process of communication between the cells during an illness or during the growth period. Such a study helps biochemists find the root of a problem.Therefore, the periphery of a biochemist’s work is palpably huge that covers important disciplines such as the genetics, forensics, medicine, microbiology, and the plant science. Over the last century, the pace of growth here has been phenomenal. As a matter of fact, the role of a biochemist in clinical facilities such as the hospitals has been highly demanding. Today, a biochemist works in a group consisting healthcare professionals, policymakers, physicists, engineers, chemists, and others related to it. He/she has to provide a direction to understand the working of life and the connection between the disease and health of a person.

Things to know about the biochemistry department at Gunasheela:

We have ISO 9001-2005 certified biochemistry department that itself speaks volumes in our favour. You will be happy to know that we have certified twice so far with the same. We have three different instruments with the state-of-the-art chemiluminescence technology.We have a specialised division for the ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) test under our biochemistry department. We have a gene expert on PCR (polymerize chain reaction) for TB detection there. In addition, 5 biochemists and one phlebotomist work there. Our combined capacity of conducting tests is 250 per day that includes our capacity at Mysore and Koramangala. We have the installed capacity of managing 40-100 patients per day at our biochemistry department. On top of it, we have the state-of-the-art facility for endocrinology analysis for the first and second trimester.All those put together indicates that we always stand committed to excel in the department of biochemistry. That’s how millions of patients across the globe have been benefitted at our facility at the Gunasheela hospital.