General Medicine

General Medicine

The Department of General Medicine is often referred as the Internal Medicine in some hospitals in India. Interestingly, Internal Medicine owes its origin to the ancient India and the ancient China. According to a study, Internal Medicine was in practice since the time of Charaka, one of the fathers of Ayurveda. However, the term Internal Medicine has evolved from the German term ‘Innere Medizin’ that was very popular in Germany during the 19th century to mention physicians who contributed to R&D (research and development) of the medical science in addition to the regular clinical care of the patients.

The Department of General Medicine is not just any department at Gunasheela Hospital. It actually stands out by virtue of its sheer quality service and the state-of-the-art infrastructure here in Bangalore. You too would fall in line taking a look at the number of patients that we treat and care everyday here. However, it is not the OPD (Outdoor Patient Department) that you may presume at the first place. Having said that, we mean, the department of General Medicine is composed of three independent units such as Indoor, OPD, and Intensive Care.

The role of the physicians (also referred as internists) at our General Medicine department is manifold. They take care of the ambulatory and hospitalised patients and at the same time, they are the first point of contact when patients visit our hospital. You will be happy to know that we have one of the best departments of General Medicine in the country and we keep inviting the renowned physicians from around the world here with a view to assuring the best treatments and care to our patients.

We have built one of the finest setups for Indoor, OPD, and Intensive Care units (ICU) over the years that are relentlessly working in the best interest of our patients. For instance, we run ICU 24×7 and 365 days a year. This, in other words, construes that you can bring emergency patients to our General Medicine department anytime and we stand committed to a timely service to all our patients with the utmost dignity and care.

The Gunasheela Edge:

  • Qualified doctors

Some of the finest doctors in the country are working for us and it works in the best interest of our patients. Besides, we keep inviting renowned doctors from around the world. It is our extreme pleasure to inform you that we organise doctor’s seminars with a view to sharing the latest developments in the field of our specialisation and at the same time, create an opportunity to keep learning with the best practices in the world.

  • Infrastructure

We have the state-of-the-art infrastructure at our hospital. On top of it, we keep investing heavily on R&D that sets us apart in the market. As a matter of fact, you always get the best treatment and care at our hospital that your hard-earned money could have bought in any part of the world. This, in turn, helps you stay protected with us.

  • Congenial ambience

We promote an ambience of mutual respect. As such, you will always find our staff members courteous and at the same time, they are committed to the patient service excellence. Our patients thus enjoy a world-class treatment and care for years. Gunasheela hospital is now run by the second generation entrepreneurs who are also doctors by profession and this itself stands as a solid proof of creating congenial ambience at our hospital bespoke to the needs of our patients.

  • Bonding

We love to bond with our patients above any business interest. It goes many miles rewarding our patients for sure.