Our Legacy

Our heritage goes back 30 years and beyond. It was the passion that drove one person to start what is today one of the leading IVF facilities in Bangalore. Dr. Sulochana Gunasheela, her vision and her foresight is what has driven the Gunasheela IVF centre to what it is today. Evolved from being a dream to a reality, to an institution that has given hope to women across the country. These very same seeds of passion that were sown a 30 years back are now being taken forward by Dr. Sulochana's daughter Dr. Devika Gunasheela and son-in-law Dr. Rajashekar Nayak. In these ever changing times we have kept in mind the need to keep in tune with the changing times. Medical Research has in the past years reached heights that only a few could imagine. The occurrence of technology in the medical field has transformed the way people look at medicine as a subject or the way a patient looks at treatments. It is keeping in tune with these changing times, the winds of change were brought, Dr. Devika and Dr. Rajashekar developed the new IVF facility at Koramangala.