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Wish You A Healthy Baby ! Things To Be Taken Care Of, Before Delivery.

Maternity is an important phase of life for women. It’s important for them to take care of a few unavoidable things when they start expecting a baby, in fact, a good healthy baby. It’s commonly seen that many women ignore the lifestyle adjustments before pregnancy and also during the pregnancy tenure. Also essential is the point that both husband and wife should be committed towards pre-natal care.

According to the survey conducted by Internation Institute of Population Sciences (IIPS) & National Family Health Survey (NHFS) – 2016, a higher percentage of men were very little concerned about their wives pertaining to maternity care. One of the important reasons that has been noticed, is financial aspects of the family.  In rural India, the reasons could be related to lack of transportation facilities, unwilling family members, lack of female workers.

A Few Useful Tips Related To Prenatal Care:

Lifestyle Adjustment

It takes a real dedication from a woman before pregnancy & delivery. And the dedication is not just about the time and money, but it’s more about real mindset towards adjusting lifestyle. Here Are Things To Follow:

    • Avoid smoking & alcohol consumption.
    • Sleep well.
    • Consult a doctor immediately following any health issues especially when there’s abdominal pain, more bleeding, cramps
    • Prenatal care in terms of food habits is highly recommended. Consult a specialized nutritionist in this regard.
    • Avoid raw meat like fish and food with high levels of mercury.
    • Exercise: It’s important for women to regularly workout with simple physical activities such as walk, jog, simple aerobics, easy yoga postures and as such. Please note that high-intensity physical activities could be harmful.
    • Get doctor advise about medication.
    • Say no to drugs & caffeine.
    • Take special care when you suffer from diseases.
    • Importantly, try to keep your emotional health well.

Overcome Unfortunate & Risky Situations:

Death percentage of women during pregnancy, is on a higher side in India, due to various factors. The reasons could be lack of facilities, transport matters, unavailability of doctors on time and others. Hence it is very important to take precautionary & safety measures.

‘Have A Safe Journey Through Your Pregnancy Phase’

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