Pathology Lab

The word pathology owes its origin to the Greek word pathologia where pathos means a quality that arouses emotions such as the sorrow and logia means something that is authentic. In other words, pathology is the branch of medical science that investigates the causes, effects, and the nature of diseases. Therefore, the role of pathology can never be understated for the success of medical science. In fact, the evolution of science and technology throughout the world has brought about a sea change in the ways and means of carrying out investigations at the pathology centres all over the world.

Our mission:

We are pledged to achieving the highest standard of the clinical research, diagnosis, and the patient treatment. In other words, whatever we do here is aligned with our corporate philosophy of becoming a prominent global player in this segment. We don’t believe in any shortcut to success. We thus keep reinventing us against the set parameters of our business.