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Success Stories

This Bengaluru-based family says it is ‘addicted’ to this maternity hospital.

As many as 41 members (23 boys and 18 girls) across six generations from this family have been born in Gunasheela Surgical and maternity hospital in Basavanagudi since 1977.

It all started in 1968 when Venkatalakshamamma’s husband Sangeetha Pappanna, a music director and a resident of Cubbonpet, suffered a kidney ailment. His granddaughter Vidya TK told BM, “He was referred to Dr Mavalli Gunasheela, a surgeon practising at Victoria Hospital, by our family doctor. He was then operating in Republic Nursing Home and also on call at Bowring Hospital.” After that, the bond between the families grew so strong that they insisted that his wife Dr Sulochana Gunasheela performs the next delivery in their family.

Subsequently their first grandchild was born in Vani Vilas Hospital in 1969. Following this, four more deliveries took place in the same hospital, all performed by Dr Sulochana.

The Gunasheela Surgical and Maternity hospital that was started in 1975 by Dr Sulochana also happened to be the first IVF centre in Karnataka.

The first child from Venkatalakshmamma’s family was born in the hospital in 1977. After that there was no looking back and the hospital and the family formed such a strong bond that as many as 41 deliveries have taken place at the hospital till date. The family has numerous memories associated with the hospital, including a few high risk pregnancies.

Vidya, a businesswoman, now 52, says, “When I was due to deliver in 1984, I was told that mine was a breech baby (buttocks to be delivered first instead of the head). The duty doctor at the hospital was extremely frightened to deliver my baby because it was a risky procedure. Dr Sulochana was operating in an OT next to the labour ward. The duty doctor immediately informed her and she came to the labour ward to check on me. She took the baby out in just a minute and went back to continue her surgery.”

One of Venkatalakshmamma’s sons Venkataswamy was so close to Dr Gunasheela that he even named his grandson after him. “Whenever there was a function in our family, Dr Gunasheela ensured that she came and the same was the case vice versa,” Vidya said. “During another high-risk pregnancy, when one of our family members developed an epileptic attack, the baby was taken out during an emergency operation. When the baby was born he was not breathing, but the paediatrician stayed up all night and the baby was brought back to normalcy,” she said.

The last delivery to take place in that hospital by Dr Sulochana was in 2010. After that, the legacy was continued by her daughter Dr Devika. The family members say that they attempted having deliveries a couple of times in other places but they failed, after which they stuck to this hospital. The latest delivery from the family in the hospital was on September 12 this year.

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