The Healing Touch of Yoga At Gunasheela!

Yoga is an age-old practice of India that empowers you to control the body and mind. It involves a lot of physical, breathing, and mental exercises that relieves you from the everyday stress and strain. On the flip side, yoga helps to control the mind and body. You feel rejuvenated at the end of a yoga session. If all those do not excite you anymore as you have heard the same on many an occasion, it’s time for you to know that yoga can even help you recover from a pregnancy.

Key benefits of yoga:

  • Working on your body parts: Yoga has the prudent techniques of exercising that allow you to work on the specific parts or areas of your body. It is, however, important to take yoga lessons from a qualified instructor for effective results here.
  • Weight loss: According to 2016 WHO estimate, the number of obese people all over the world has tripled since 1975. In fact, obesity is the most common cause of concern today among the people. Practising yoga and controlling your diet, you can lose weight without any medication or surgery.
  • Improved flexibility: Yoga improves the flexibility of your mind and body. In the process, you become agile and healthy.
  • Confidence building: A part of yoga involves breathing exercises. When you practise these exercises under a qualified instructor, you get to experience the new found confidence in you.
  • Improved metabolic rate: It is also known to improve your metabolic rate.

Yoga – The Gunasheela Advantage:

  • We have the world-class yoga centre that is run by qualified yoga instructors.
  • Our dedicated team of yoga experts do the handholding to help you achieve perfection here.
  • Our R&D (Research & Development) centre on yoga explores and incorporates the best practices here.